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Patt Sendejas

Become a Master Manifester!

As a Spiritual Certified Life Coach and Manifesting Trainer, Patt's Enlightened Manifesting Coaching helps you reduce stress, and gain clarity for a renewed life direction becoming a Master Manifester!  With Patt's guidance, you will gain clarity of direction, moving forward with passion.  Utilizing a system called PATH, PROFILING personalities and/or interior spaces allows you to discover your AUTHENTIC TALENTS to HAPPINESS.  During Patt's coaching sessions limited beliefs and energy blocks will be revealed so a personalized plan can be designed specific to your desires.  Choose this transforming new and unique system for suggestions to improve the energies of your environment and/or select hourly coaching sessions to clear limiting beliefs hidden deep within your subconscious that block you success.  Enjoy a newfound awareness to help you move forward to attract joy, love and happiness to live your life to the fullest.  Patt helps you realize your true purpose manifesting your dreams into reality. Book a session today and make a positive impact in all areas of your life.

Meet Patt

Spiritual Coach for Enlightened Manifesting

At Enlightened Manifesting, we aim to help spiritual heart-centered seekers achieve their highest potential. Our coaching program focuses on nurturing your mind, and Spirit to help you manifest your dreams and create a fulfilling life. 

Author and Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Patt Sendejas, is a California Certified Interior Designer who began decorating at the age of seven while spending the night at a friend's home when Patt suggested they rearrange the living room furniture.  She went on to graduate from UCLA's Environmental and Interior Design Program, along with earning a B.A. in Humanities from Cal State Northridge.

In 1997, when a friend gave Patt a Feng Shui book she became 

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intrigued helping clients identify why they were having challenges due to the building's energy blueprint.  When asked how Patt began coaching, she replied: "When my teenage son had a serious motorcycle accident, it caused me to search to learn how we create our reality.  I decided to go on a Spiritual journey of self discovery and learned that there are energies within everything.

After years of study, I learned more about why and how events occur in our lives.  I used to feel stressed in fear of what could happen, and as I studied Spiritual Principles, the Laws of the Universe, and the Law of Attraction, I noticed how my thoughts, words and actions resulted in remarkable synchronicities showing up in my life.  I learned to connect with my Spirit Guides to get answers, not only for me but for my design clients. 


As I began applying Enlightened Manifesting, I became more relaxed, my intuition increased receiving flashes of inspiration before taking action.  I experienced deeper relationships with myself, family and friends.  My wealth began to expand as I understood how to attract what I desired, and trusted the Universe."


With a new found passion to help people understand how thoughts, words, and actions cause our reality, her discoveries inspired Patt to write Letting Go to Create a Magical Life and began speaking on the Magic of Manifesting, becoming a Life Coach.  Patt loves spending time with her family, traveling, hiking and being in nature.  Patt has learned over the years how we manifest our reality and loves coaching clients to find their joy and happiness.   Patt is an experienced coach in helping clients find clarity, overcome challenges, and create a personalized plan for success.  Let Patt guide you on your journey to a more enlightened life enjoying a life filled with love and laughter!

Meet Luci LoPresti

Patt's Assistant

I enjoy assisting Patt at Enlightened Manifesting, a coaching and consulting business with a mission to help people manifest their dreams into reality. I am Luci LoPresti, Patt's assistant for over 10 years. I have a passion to help Patt work with Spiritual Heart-Centered Creators to unlock their potential and create the life they desire. I am a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and currently live in Pismo Beach, California.

I first met Patt when I called her for a consultation on my home in Thousand Oaks, California.  Since that first consultation I have now manifested my dream home. Working with Patt again I was able transform my home's energy, living in a supportive home I love after moving to my longtime dream to live near my college town by the beach.  I now enjoy having time to spend with my 4 grandkids, traveling and taking walks in nature. 


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What We Offer:

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Letting Go to Create a Magical Life

Letting Go to Create a Magical Life tells how letting go of old habits, negative thoughts and fear creates a more joyful life. Chapter exercises guide the reader to move forward to experience the magic of life.

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Take Your Life to New Heights and Soar!

I contacted Patt for her for a phone coaching to receive advice on what creative outlet – arts or crafts – might be most beneficial to me. We discussed several interests I had, and she expanded and clarified the ideas I had to where we both felt that my passion could become more than an interest and have future business potential for when I retire. Patt knew what questions to ask me to help me get clear on my passions giving me more opportunities to investigate. 

- Kathryn Ferrell

Thank you Patt!  Your wisdom, motivations and positivity have empowered me to receive a breakthrough in my business.  The recent amazing series of events is not just coincidental, I truly believe that the Universe was listening! It works! My real estate business was quiet but suddenly I got 2 new listings and sellers simultaneously.  Your positive energy was most definitely an inspiration, and I am so grateful. 

- Joan Fields Evans 
Your Real Estate Pro, Keller Williams

Awesome Call!  Thank you for being our Susan Rose Productivity Coaching Guest Speaker!  Fascinating Topic!

- Susan Rose

We received great reviews from those attending how they were able to apply your recommendations and techniques which made a positive impact in their lives.

- Clair Horita

Human Resources Consultant Farmers Insurance Group     Los Angeles

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