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Become a Master Manifester!

Patt's Manifesting Coaching service helps you take control of your life and become a master manifester! With her help, you will gain clarity of direction, happiness, love, and expanded wealth. Utilizing spiritual principles, the Law of Attraction, and your spirit guide, Patt will help you uncover your true purpose and manifest your dreams into reality.  Book a session with Patt and together make a positive impact on humanity, your life, and our planet!

Meet Patt

Spiritual Coach for Enlightened Manifesting

At Enlightened Manifesting, we aim to help spiritual heart-centered creators achieve their highest potential. Our coaching program focuses on nurturing your mind, body, and spirit to help you manifest your dreams and create a fulfilling life. 


Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Patt moved to Los Angeles California in her youth.  A graduate of UCLA's Interior and Environmental Design Program, also achieved a B.A. from Cal State Northridge in Humanities. Now lives in Thousand Oaks, California.

When asked how Patt began coaching, she replied: "When my son got into a major motorcycle accident, I became fraught with concern that I was a bad parent for allowing this to happen.  The medical bills from my son's surgeries and recovery created a very challenging time financially.  Determined to focus on something other than money, I decided to go on a Spiritual journey of self discovery and learned that there are energies within everything.

After years of study, I learned more about why and how events occur in our lives.  I used to feel stressed in fear of what could happen, and as I studied Spiritual Principles, the Laws of the Universe, and the Law of Attraction, I noticed how my thoughts, words and actions resulted in remarkable synchroneities showing up in my life.  I leaned to connect with my Spirit Guides to get answers, not only for me but for my design clients. 


As I began applying Enlightened Manifesting, I became more relaxed, my intuition increased receiving flashes of inspiration before taking action.  I experienced deeper relationships with myself, family and friends.  My wealth began to expand as I understood how to attract what I desired, and trusted the Universe.


Patt is an experienced coach in helping clients find clarity, overcome challenges, and create a personalized plan for success.  Let Patt guide you on your journey to a more enlightened life enjoying a life filled with love and laughter!

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What We Offer

Create a Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Develop a Manifesting Practice

Live a Fulfilling Life

Set Goals and Achieve Success

Personalized Coaching Plan

Begin Your Journey Towards Enlightened Manifesting Today.

“Enlightened Manifesting has truly changed my life. I feel more connected to my purpose and have achieved things I never thought possible.”

- Sarah K.

“The coaching I received at Enlightened Manifesting allowed me to access my inner power and create the life I've always wanted.”

- David B.

“I am forever grateful for the guidance and support I received from Enlightened Manifesting.”

- Emily R.

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